We’re so excited that you’ll be gracing our virtual stage later this month and are honored to have you as one of our guest stars, giving valuable and applicable information that will help thousands of other women who are in the same boat you once were in. APPLY NOW TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE of the SIGN UP HERE! We invite you to become further invested in this information-packed, upcoming virtual summit and we will give you all of the information and tools necessary to execute promotional material to help promote both BBW and your own business. Receive everything you need to make this year’s event your most successful affiliate promotion ever.

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We’re super excited to invite you to support our upcoming virtual summit as a chosen affiliate partner for Branded by Women.

We are anticipating a high number of attendees (even more than last year) and are projected to generate thousands of dollars in revenue for this special, all-female summit. 

Being an affiliate partner gives you a huge advantage by being able to share amazing free content with your audience. At the same time, you can gain some solid leads and make some solid money just promoting this free summit. 

The way our affiliate program works is quite simple:

Your audience is able to purchase a lifetime, all-access pass which will provide them with the following:

    • 40+ expert masterclass sessions featuring industry-leading experts
    • 20+ hours of actionable content (MP3 downloadable for easy listening on the go)
    • Additional exclusive bonus content, only available to All-Access members
  • Members’ Area with 24/7 Lifetime Access to replay at your leisure
  • All of the sessions from last year’s Branded by Women Summit

By promoting and selling this package, you can earn a sizable commission just by sharing this Branded By Women event with your audience, helping leverage the content, and making this your best year yet! The best news? You don’t even have to promote the All-Access package! Just by getting more people through the door -should they decide to upgrade on their own- you will still enjoy a commission! How easy is THAT?!

Keep reading for all of the important DETAILS below…

Branded by Women 2021 goes live on the 22nd of February! Mark your calendar!

We have two different opt-ins that you can share with your audience to get them to sign up for the free summit (and they can upgrade to the All Access Pass right after opting in via either option). 


The Branded by Women 2021 Summit Registration Page.


Branded by Women 2021 Landing Page

Launch Dates

23rd (event- 24-26th February)

8th February

Summit Pre-Event Opt-In Contest Starts

8th February

23rd February

Pre-Event Final Push

23rd February

27th February

Pre-Event Opt-In Contest Ends

27th February

24, 25 and 26th February

Summit Runs

24, 25 and 26th February

27th February

Summit Encore

27th February

28th February

Summit Cart Close

28th February


Duh! Of COURSE I’m in!

Need some more convincing?

The Top 2 Reasons to Participate as a Partner In This Epic Virtual Summit Launch…

Reason #1

Your Audience Will LOVE The Actionable Content by this stage of world-class spokeswomen. By providing innovative ideas and applicable information, we can assure you that your audience won’t want to miss 2021’s Branded by Women Summit. We’ve handpicked the speakers at this event and have spent hours of research in order to ask insightful questions to get them to share their very BEST strategies. They aren’t holding anything back. We also go above and beyond when it comes to supporting every attendee and making them feel valued and answering any and every question they may have. We are very proud of this event, proud of these exemplary women, and proud of how actionable the content shared is. Your audience will LOVE it and will love YOU for being part of it.

Reason #2

Great Commissions Means More Revenue For You We all love money, right? It’s okay. You can admit it. The price for the summit premium pass is $99. You’ll get 50% commission for each sale you make. That means that you could make up to $49.50 for each person that signs up for the summit and upgrades to the all access pass. The good news is you only need to promote the free summit, and there’s no need for you to push the paid version as our summit funnel works extremely well. All you have to do is send traffic our way and then we’ll take care of the rest! So How Will You Make Money? 50% on all referred upsells, (On net sales: gross sales – refunds = net sales) Commissions will be paid by 12th March, 2021 after the refund period is over (typically 14 days). The below products will be offered on the backend before and during the free summit.

Summit All Access Pass

$ 99
One Time Payment
  • On demand access to all video replays
  • On demand access to downloadable audio (MP3)
  • High-quality Action Guides
  • Relevant courses and trainings
  • Exclusive deals and discounts on relevant tools & resources

We Give You All The Tools And Support You Need

Once you become an approved affiliate, you will gain access to our BBW member’s area where we give you all the tools you’ll need to maximize your results.

We know that you’re busy, so we want to simplify the process. We’ll send you all the material  (i.e. swipe copy and tracking links) that you need to make it as quick and painless as possible!

Email Swipe Copy

We invest in top-notch, professional copywriters to help with your email copy and you benefit! We provide email copy that you can just copy, paste & send! Of course, you are welcome to edit, tweak, and change whatever parts of the email you wish OR just write your own copy entirely (which we often do for our own affiliate promotions).

Quick Acces Affiliate Links

Links are easy to find and ready to copy and paste. No looking in past emails to find your unique link and then wondering if it still works.

Social Media & FB Ad Posts

Want to run ads for the summit launch? We fully support it and even give you images & copy you can use across your networks. 

Track Your Stats

Access the data you need to track your efforts. We use the awesome affiliate platform for tracking. Just login to the affiliate center and you can see all your stats – from clicks to sales.


No cash incentives – don’t PAY people to buy the summit premium pass/all access pass.

No offering prizes to those who purchase through your link that you have to buy or pay for. No electronic gifts. No bribing, No Incentives. You get the gist.

No teaming up with others.

No pretending to be one of us – we think this goes without saying, but… if you decide to promote this summit using Facebook or your website, it needs to be clear that you’re a partner and that you are NOT portraying yourself as any of us through your marketing efforts. Doing this will disqualify you.

No cookie stuffing – if you don’t know what this is, good. If you do, DON’T DO IT!

No spamming.

No shenanigans.

Keep in mind that you can be disqualified from our launch at any time if you’re not one hundred percent ethical and professional. Pretty straightforward.


First, be sure to mark down 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th of February in your calendar.

Those are the summit dates.

Second, in order to get added to this year’s affiliate commission program, please sign up now by clicking on the link below.

If you have ANY questions, please reach me at kerrie@sellersessions.com

As always, Thank You for your support and being part of this amazing team!

We look forward to another successful summit and launch with you by our side!