Kayleigh Bendall

CEO, Sellersfunding

Navigating Networking

Kayleigh is an intuitive fun-loving individual with experience working in strategic partnerships and business development across global markets. Today, she is sharing her story about being born in South Africa and immigrating to the UK with her family at 16, leaving her thirsty for more. She shares some actionable and practical tips, explaining how she started with no community and how her commitment, fueled from her internal fears, fast-track her career.

This session is available for 24 hours on:
Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 from 9 AM (UK Time)

Best known for her ability to open doors, network and connect people, Kayleigh shares some practical tips on building and working a network from zero, helping businesses grow revenue and partnering with industry leaders. Kayleigh is presenting as Global Growth Manager for SellersFunding. SellersFunding revolutionizes the way eCommerce sellers scale their business through convenient, reliable, and unmatched financial solutions for sellers across Amazon, Shopify, Magento, eBay, Walmart and more.


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