KelliAnne Fedio

CEO, Amazing Exits

How to Create a Valuable and Scalable Amazon Business

All Amazon entrepreneurs should have an exit strategy. In today’s fast-paced digital economy, a massive opportunity exists to sell your Amazon business for a huge profit! In fact, the most money you’ll put in your pocket comes from selling your business, so you need to do everything you can to maximize the value of your biggest asset. Kellianne will share insights about exit strategies, including tips for increasing the value of your Amazon business, timing your exit, and much more. 

This session is available for 24 hours on:
Friday, 26 Feb 2021 from 9 AM (UK Time)

Kellianne Fedio is an attorney turned ecommerce entrepreneur and Amazon channel expert. She founded and scaled a 7 figure brand following a successful exit. She has spent the last six years honing her craft, mastering the art and science it takes to build brands, and maximize sales on the Amazon channel. She’s been featured as a speaker on numerous podcasts and webinars, and world class ecommerce conferences such as the Prosper Show and IRCE.


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