Krystsina Uradzimskaya

CEO, Horizon 

The Importance of Video Ads, Amazon Posts, and Social Media Brand Awareness

Traditional advertising strategies aren’t enough. Social media not only allows for tremendous outreach and networking, but also promotes interaction that can be very beneficial for the notoriety of businesses. Social media gives your business the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand to the right people by allowing you to connect and expand your reach using multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. Krystsina will teach you how to use social media to your advantage.

This session is available for 24 hours on:
Wednesday, 25 Feb 2021 from 9 AM (UK Time)

Krystsina Uradzimskaya is a powerful American female entrepreneur of Belarusian origin. She is the CEO and Founder of AMZ-Create, Pregnology, and Terramed. It wasn’t until she designed some clothes on her own that she decided to start her clothing brand. Under her direction, Pregnology and Terramed have become more than just a success story. Despite slumps in the market, Krystsina strives to turn the business back around and generate new outstanding ideas to create products and expand her empire.


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