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After the success of Seller Sessions Live 2019, we were impressed with the number of female entrepreneurs in attendance. We wanted to ensure that women were given a voice and a platform to showcase their successes, share their journeys and offer advice to other people in business - men and women alike. 

Branded by Women is a star-studded 3-day conference taking place from Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 May, 2020. By no means off-limits to male entrepreneurs, the event is designed for all women and men who aspire to run businesses, and for those who already run businesses and want to advance them. An empowering conference branded by women, for entrepreneurs and startups ‘who mean business.’

This is not an Amazon-only summit, although some of our keynote speakers run successful 7 and 8-figure Amazon businesses. The event is a platform to showcase the range of talented women taking the business world by storm, who have successfully built up their own businesses, and who are reaping the rewards of their hard work and determination.

What will I learn?

Originally an exclusive in-person event in London, Branded by Women is now being opened up to the wider community as a series of online webinars that entrepreneurs (both seasoned and beginners) all over the world can join.

Our expert panel of speakers will be covering a range of topics that reflect their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Here's a taste of what you can expect to learn during these action-packed 3 days: