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Learn from the best with 40+ in-depth video sessions with female leading eCommerce experts.

"Growing up I’ve always looked up to powerful and successful women. To be a part of something like Branded by Women is giving me butterflies, because it’s a dream I’ve always had...that of motivating women to step fully into their power. We are all inspirational, motivational and beautiful deep inside. We just need a little flicker of light to start shining. I am honored to be a small flicker of light amongst the stars. Thank you for honoring me with this gift."

Izabela Hamilton profile picture

Izabela Hamilton

As women, we tend to put everyone before ourselves...

"But this summit will allow you to focus on YOUR goals and YOUR dreams. I'm always time deficient, so Branded by Women is an opportunity to get motivated and connect with like-minded businesswomen. Even in the current climate we can continue to learn, grow, be inspired and network with others."

Michele Venton

“This is an event for female entrepreneurs, both those starting out and those who are already established, who want to stand out from the crowd and be counted. We want to create a lasting movement.
A movement led by women who are creating lives of success, wealth and happiness, and who are passionate about teaching other women how to smash through the glass ceiling and do the same."

Kerrie Hirst

More than 30 hrs of empowering, educational and actionable keynotes divided in 3 sections:

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Melanie Shabangu (Marketing)


Originally an exclusive in-person event in London, Branded by Women is now being opened up to the wider community as a series of online webinars that entrepreneurs (both seasoned and beginners) all over the world can join.

Our expert panel of speakers will be covering a range of topics that reflect their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect to learn during this action-packed extravaganza:

Identifying Your Strengths to Leverage a Successful “Money Making” Machine

The Importance of Video Ads, Amazon Posts, and Social Media Brand Awareness

Mastering Productivity and Crushing Your Goals

How to Create a Valuable and Scalable Amazon Business

The Importance and Value of Coaching and Having a Mentor

Marketing With Modest Means: How To Build Brand Awareness on a Budget

How Humor and Boldness Can be Utilized for Unforgettable Marketing

How To Build a Strong Team to Help Scale your Business/Agency in 2021


Can’t Get Enough? Hungry for more? We also cover the following topics:

Impostor Syndrome in Business’ Success: Learning How to Thrive in Spite of it and Applying this Knowledge to Analyse Your Customer’s Behaviour.

Feed Your Hormones to “Lose Weight”

YES, You Actually CAN - Believe It Then Achieve It

True Hollywood Story: Overcoming Challenges Behind-The-Scenes

How To Make Lemonade in a “Male Dominated industry” and How That Can
Lead To Opportunity

Good Practices in Product Development

Mastering the Art of Kindness

Tips and Tricks to Prevent your Amazon Account from being Suspended

Save today: 149 $99



Save today: 149 $99


Francesca Armstrong profile picture

Francesca Armstrong

Challenges from the Female Perspective in a Man’s World

Francesca’s journey from bedroom to boardroom was paved with challenges, many unique to female entrepreneurs. Learn how she overcame them to thrive.

Athena Severi profile picture

Athena Severi

The Power of Connection

Public speaker and host of an array of sourcing trips and masterminds, Athena will talk about the power of networking, her journey from the early days of event hosting and her own struggles along the way.

Egle Raadik-Gonchev

How to Use Frustration to Build A Successful Business

Egle built up a successful business in 2.5 years while raising three children. She’ll discuss how to overcome frustration, and use it to propel yourself to success.

Cara-Sayer profile picture

Cara Sayer

Resilience in Difficult Times

SnoozeShade CSO (that’s Chief Sleep Officer!) Cara shares the rollercoaster ride that saw her unique product snowball into an absolute must-have for new parents.

Melissa Simonson profile picture

Melissa Simonson

Be Your Own Hero

With multiple keynotes to her name, and with an impressive pedigree helping brands to succeed, Melissa shares her hard-earned wisdom on all things entrepreneurship.

Meghla Bhardwaj

How to Win At Life When The Odds Are Against You

Having battled tough times to become a successful entrepreneur, Meghla’s story shows how the woman who always fights one more round is never beaten.

Georgie Mayhew profile picture

Georgie Mayhew

Selling in an (Increasingly) Competitive Marketplace

Georgie reveals how she navigated the shark-infested waters of a crowded Amazon niche to forge a successful business, all while working around 2 young daughters.

Kim Kohatsu profile picture

Kim Kohatsu

How to Avoid Tunnel Vision While Growing Your Brand

Maintaining perspective isn’t as simple as just ticking it off your to-do list. PickFu CMO Kim imparts her sage advice on how to avoid getting stuck in your own head.

Kerrie Hirst

How I Used Anxiety to Fuel My Business Success

Part of the driving force behind Branded by Women, freelance VA business owner Kerrie opens up about her personal battle with anxiety – and how she channeled it to create her success.

Molly Kubes

How to Win At Instagram (Without Paid Advertising)

Full-time yoga instructor turned serial entrepreneur Molly will be talking us through how she organically scaled her personal brand to half million dollars with Instagram.

Arabella Redford profile picture

Arabella Redford

A+ Content & Amazon Stores: Your Brand Strategy 2.0

One of the early pioneers of the Amazon optimisation boom, Arabella explains why serious brands need A+ and Stores to tell their brand story and drive brand exposure.

Channing Dyson profile picture

Channing Dyson

Instagram Micro-Influencers: Grow Your Audience with Social

Pioneering a strategy few brands take advantage of, Channing will explain how leveraging micro-influencers can give your sales a boost that’s anything but micro.

Alex Galviz profile picture

Alexandra Galviz

Harnessing LinkedIn for Women

Networker extraordinaire, Alexandra, is somewhat of a dab hand at LinkedIn. With over 35,000 followers and named LinkedIn Top Voice in the UK for 2 years running, she talks how to organically harness the platform.

Izabela Hamilton profile picture

Izabela Hamilton

How to Launch Your Amazon Products (And Crush it)

As CEO of brand accelerator RankBell, Izabela built her business by helping brands grow. She’ll be stepping onto our virtual stage to hopefully add your brand to the list.

Jana Krekic

How To Translate Your Way to Success

Amazon FBA consultant and owner of translation business YLT Translation, Jana talks how to leverage the power of translation for your Amazon listings.

Krystsina Uradzimskaya profile picture

Krystsina Uradzimskaya

Improve Your Mobile eCommerce Conversions

If you’re not mobile-optimised, you’re not optimised. Krystsina unveils the secret strategies that she’s used to boost conversions on the Amazon platform.

Regina Peterburgsky profile picture

Regina Peterburgsky

Rebate Chatbots for Non-Techies

A proud single mum (and cat parent), 7-figure seller Regina will be teaching you how to rank your products easily using chatbots – even with no technical experience.

Cassandra Craven

How to Leverage Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Cassandra will be imparting her wisdom on how to make social media work for you – and as Social Media Manager for Helium 10, her knowledge is second to none.

Anne Ferris profile picture

Anne Ferris

Branding for Female Customers

Mum-of-two, Anne, will be sharing the branding strategies that took her from corporate lawyer to 7-figure Amazon seller, and how you can make them work for you.

Karyn thomas profile picture

Karyn Thomas

How to Create a Killer Listing

The co-founder of two 7-figure businesses, Karyn will share the 5 listing hacks that she’s used to achieve conversions as high as 80% (and no, that’s not a typo).

Sharon Even profile picture

Sharon Even

Amazon Sponsored Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Mompreneur and 7-figure Amazon seller Sharon dives into the 3 stages of PPC, including how to launch, fine tune and understand your ACoS from your TACoS.

Emma Schermer Tamir

Creating Conversion-Spiking Copy Consumers Will Love

Using words to establish an eCommerce edge isn’t easy. Luckily Emma is here to show you how to craft copy that even your fiercest competition can’t touch.

Michele Venton

From Scale to Sale: How to Grow Your Business to Sell It

Michele will talk about her journey, which saw her grow her business from zero to 8 figures by focusing on one brand, one customer and one goal.

Bev Hepting profile picture

Bev Hepting

The Power of Your Story

When in business you need to be able to clarify your message, so it rises above the noise. TEDx speaker and storyteller extraordinaire, Bev, will demonstrate how the power of your story can impact your success.

Alex Wyatt profile picture

Alex Wyatt

VAT Changes in 2021: What You Need to Know

Alex draws on her vast wealth of experience in tax law to bring you the must-know VAT changes that will affect your business in 2021 – all in laywoman’s terms.

yael cabilly profile picture

Yael Cabilly

Patent, Trademark & Copyright Infringements: What to Avoid

Leading IP lawyer, Yael, sheds some much-needed light on eCommerce law – a poorly understood subject that even the largest of Amazon sellers have fallen foul of.

amy wees profile picture

Amy Wees

How to Validate Your Product Ideas with Confidence

Serial entrepreneur Amy will be answering the million-dollar question for beginning Amazon sellers – how do you know your product idea is a winner?

Katherine Phipps profile picture

Katherine Phipps

Key Strategies for Building a Successful Team

Chilean-born entrepreneur Katherine talks team building, using her background in psychology to provide unique insights into what makes a great team.

Alycia profile picture

Alycia Shapiro

Product Selection Solved: 3 Key Tactics for Getting You Unstuck

Despite juggling three lively kids and several successful businesses, Alycia will be finding time to teach you how to solve the enduring puzzle of product selection.

Melanie Shabangu profile picture

Melanie Shabangu

Forecasting & Diversification of Your Income Streams

With a background in both accounting and eCommerce, Melanie shares her expertise in cashflow management – a valuable asset that few sellers possess.

Sylv Stefanowicz profile picture

Sylv Stefanowicz

Corporate to Entrepreneurship: How to Prepare for Life Ahead

Successful lingerie brand owner, Sylv, will talk about her key tips and strategies for leaving full-time employment and how to prepare for your new chapter in life.


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Here’s more fantastic content included for you to replay before anyone else:

Harnessing LinkedIn for women: How to organically engage & grow your network

Smart cashflow management: forecasting and diversifying your income steams

Optimising for mobile: secret tips to boost your mobile eCommerce conversions

How to avoid tunnel vision when growing your brand (& getting stuck in your head)

Perspectives from a TEDx speaker on how the power of your story can impact success

How to leverage social media marketing for your business (and make it work for you)

Selling (and winning) on Amazon in an increasingly competitive marketplace

Key strategies for building a successful team around you (from a trained psychologist)

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Wherever you are on your online journey, we can take you further.

From Small to Scale

If you checked “yes” to any of the above, now is your TIME. Learn how to start small and grow your business while keeping a good mind-set and attitude. 
JOIN US TODAY and be part of this EMPOWERING movement!

From Beginner to Advanced

Sit back and listen from the comfort of your home as we share awesome ideas and content to help you take your business (or business idea) to the next level.

Transfer Your Skills.
Empower You.

In a world where many women grew up believing their talents and capabilities were limited, it’s important to recognise that the only limitations are those in which you imprison yourself.

Gender is becoming increasingly irrelevant when it comes to building brands, making money, and enjoying success and independence. So if you’re ready to become a successful entrepreneur, now is the perfect time to:

Be at home with the kids while still earning money

Create a work-life balance that works for you and your family

Be your own boss and create your own hours and demands

Forge your own path and say goodbye to office politics or people telling you what to do

Align your work life to your personal values and create a brand (or service) that reflects those values.

It’s a growth mindset that sets successful women apart from others.
JOIN US and help give a voice to a growing revolution.

Save today: 149 $99


This inclusive event is for budding entrepreneurs and brand owners of all genders who want to take their business (or business idea) to the next level. The speakers are all highly successful women, some of whom are mothers and all of whom manage a busy schedule outside of work.

As women we face challenges in our business and personal lives, and can often feel disheartened as we struggle to be super-women who ‘manage it all’. That’s why a network of like-minded women is here to show you how to navigate the path to success, with easily implementable strategies that our speakers effectively use to grow and scale their own businesses.

Our diverse and inspirational female speakers come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

From stay-at-home mums to personal assistants and ex-corporate executives, our speakers have successfully transitioned from their old careers and jobs and have found a way to make eCommerce work for them.

From the UK to the USA, India and all across Europe, we are excited to have these amazing women in business come together to help give a voice to a revolution.

Attending Branded by Women is key if you’re serious about your business and want to learn new ways to advance – both professionally and personally.

You’ll be hearing from some amazing and inspiring women in business and you can learn powerful techniques by listening to their journeys. By the end you will leave with a fresh approach, a new drive and determination to succeed.

Over the course of the 3 days, there will be keynote sessions from 30+ leading women in business, including a panel of experts. The defining ethos of the Branded by Women event is that it is designed “by women for women” and the live daily Q&A shows are interactive, meaning you can be an active participant.

Our speakers are experts in their fields but are also relatable. They will share their own personal journeys and offer tried and tested ways to ensure that you too can make a success of your business, whatever stage you’re at.

For those who already run relatively successful businesses, there will be inspiring content that will teach you how to focus, scale, and adapt your mindset to reach your full potential.

The Branded by Women event is FREE to attend with 10+ daily expert presentations segmented into Mindset, Marketing and Mastery over 3 content-packed days. Each day’s keynote sessions (and live event) will be unlocked for up to 24 hours (and set to your time-zone), so all attendees have the opportunity to listen for free, wherever you are in the world.

As we appreciate not everyone will have time (or be available) to listen to all the content daily, you’ll be given the option to unlock Lifetime Access for just $99. This All Access Pass will then ensure you can re-play the sessions at leisure and in your own time.

The FREE 24 hour access gives all attendees full viewing of each day’s 10+ speaker sessions and live Q&A panel. Regardless of which time-zone you are in, access will be unlocked for your location to ensure you don’t miss out.

The speaker video sessions will be unlocked for 24-hours and available on Wednesday 27 May, Thursday 27 May and Friday 28 May, from 00:01 until 23:59 in your local time each day.

We’re confident you’ll absolutely love everything the Branded by Women All Access Pass gives you.

If you want to upgrade and unlock Lifetime Access to all our 70+ speaker sessions we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason, you don’t feel it’s been a worthwhile investment then we’ll happily refund your money within 30 days of purchase.

Izabela Hamilton is a Romanian businesswoman who has conquered the Amazon business. She is the Founder and CEO of an online ranking service called RankBell. Initially, she started out helping Amazon sellers on her own. Later, she saw a huge gap in the market and founded a powerful brand accelerator that helps Amazon businesses grow to 7 & 8 figures via driving organic keyword ranking and optimization. Her mission is to help third-party sellers start living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

(dur: 35 min)

Karyn will be using her personal story — the good, the bad, and the ugly — to motivate other women to find peace and acceptance in their own journey. Karyn will discuss the influences that shaped her life to lead with compassion, kindness, and understanding.

(dur: 20 min)

Us women are tough on ourselves. There is vast, empirical evidence that – despite consistent external validation – women often lack internal acknowledgement of their own accomplishments. In this talk, Kata will discuss the reasons this leads us to be the “last to believe” in our true worth and how to overcome this false ideology.

(dur: 37 min)

Kim will teach you how to forgo fad diets, understand the factors that play a crucial role in weight gain, why women have a harder time losing weight than men, the 80/20 rule, and understanding your hormones with relation to your BMI.

(dur: 35 min)

Kayleigh is an intuitive fun-loving individual with experience working in strategic partnerships and business development across global markets. Today, she is sharing her story about being born in South Africa and immigrating to the UK with her family at 16, leaving her thirsty for more. She shares some actionable and practical tips, explaining how she started with no community and how her commitment, fueled from her internal fears, fast-track her career.

(dur: 24 min)

What do branding and archaeology have in common? A backwards-looking curiosity. Lo Martin, CMO of Elevate Brands, digs into how you can leverage the framework of archaeology to enhance your approach to branding – and uncover findings that will help you better understand the people you’re building stories, products and experiences for. From research design and field work, to organizing and analyzing your findings to build an official record, Lo explains that reconstructing a brand starts with deconstructing it first.

(dur: 21 min)

The ‘Finding Balance’ presentation will discuss how we can harness our different moods and energy levels and tailor them to tasks we need to accomplish both in business and in everyday life. Stephanie will teach you how to follow a structure for short term and long term goals.

(dur: 20 min)

Francesca will be discussing the importance of staying in tune with yourself and harnessing your own strengths. Adjusting your lenses, from the familiar to the future, can help one accept change and challenges as a part of the entrepreneurial life.

(dur: 23 min)

Egle covers key points that got her back in the game, how it changed the way her business now runs – making it more robust and less reliant on hero products. She’ll also teach strategies on how to avoid common Amazon Selling mistakes.

(dur: 33 min)

A lot of people are struggling with their mental health – most too afraid to recognize and share their problems. In order to embrace impending problems, you first need to embrace yourself and love yourself. The goal with my presentation is for people to recognize themselves in my examples and take action today to start living their best life yet

(dur: 30 min)

Tips and tricks to prevent your Amazon account from being the recipient of suspension and other headaches and hassles most sellers are all too familiar with.

(dur: 35 min)

Destaney will be sharing tips on how she forced herself into action in order to overcome fears and doubts, and how she was able to shift her mentality into one of abundance and evergreen learning that would allow her to scale her business to a point she could have never previously imagined.

(dur: 23 min)

In the wake of losing her full-time career at the start of Covid, Christina managed to build a six-figure Amazon business in less than a year. With the support of a great Mentor, Christina learned how to refurbish her thought process, attitude, and business relations and grow a successful copywriting business in the process.

(dur: 26 min)

In this presentation, women will learn how to build a strong network in the male-dominated ecommerce world and strengthen their relationships long-term in order to gain access to a reliable support system and valuable knowledge.

(dur: 37 min)

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. But what do you do when things keep getting tougher with no respite in sight? How do you find the strength to carry on, fighting one battle after another – whether personal or in business? Meghla Bhardwaj, Founder of India Sourcing Trip, gives an update on where she is now after her fledgling business came crashing down in early 2019 thanks to the pandemic and tips on how to recover.

(dur: 21 min)

Until recently, Amazon DSP was only accessible through Amazon internal programmatic media buyers and primarily utilized by HUGE brands. In Dec 2020, agencies were able to access Amazon DSP. This presentation helps you understand what DSP is – a higher-up marketing funnel tactic to leverage more sales, brand awareness, and capture your competitor’s sales.

(dur: 25 min)

Do you know how to communicate your product or service to buyers in a way that will not only grab their attention but lead to a purchase? Amy Wees is going to teach you how to master your pitch so you can sell anything with confidence. Amy will cover the three steps in identifying: your customer’s biggest pain point, your unique solution to their need, and helping them make the decision that they need your product.

(dur: 17 min)

Cassandra Craven talks about working in the Television and Film Industry and the challenges she faced on set. Learn about the dynamics and power plays that taught her how to navigate throughout the industry as a key player in a new marketing medium – social media. Get key insights into tactics and strategies that led to new opportunities that gave her a unique perspective in the world of social media marketing.

(dur: 24 min)

The owner of PixelNuts Studio discusses how she managed to start the graphic design business of her dreams before 30 and the most important differences between 3D renders and mockups in product presentation online.

(dur: 28 min)

Traditional advertising strategies aren’t enough. Social media not only allows for tremendous outreach and networking, but also promotes interaction that can be very beneficial for the notoriety of your businesses. Social media allows you to connect and expand your reach using multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. Krystsina will teach you how to utilize social media to your advantage.

(dur: 16 min)

Jelena will be discussing the global pandemic changes that have influenced buyer behavior, what categories suffered the most and what categories were the most profitable. How has this global disruption of the supply chains affected PPC and organic ranks for products on Amazon? Jelena will also be proposing PPC tools to integrate inventory information for best results.

(dur: 37 min)

Gabrielle has been running brand engagements and events for over a decade. With a background originally in the fashion industry, she has managed retail events for Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwicks and many luxury international retail brands including Scotch & Soda, Guess and Folk Clothing.

(dur: 28 min)

Join Fiona Soutter as she explains how conscious consumers are increasingly seeing brand purpose as an important factor when deciding to purchase a product or service. Having a clearly defined brand purpose is also what keeps you going when things (inevitably) get hard.

(dur: 19 min)

Regina will outline 6 business models which use the Amazon platform to generate money and create long term revenue. Each business model will be described with pros, cons, how money is generated, what is needed to get started, and the type of personality that is best suited towards that particular model.

(dur: 23 min)

Anne will teach you how to build your brand and create raving fans with ethical, content marketing. Did you know that 92% of millennials are more likely to purchase from an ethical brand? This presentation will cover sustainable products and packaging, your brand mission and supporting charities, and how to get started with creative content that will empower your customers.

(dur: 33 min)

Product Development: An introduction into life with Valerie, her company, and how to apply the following in your own business: trend research, finding suppliers, design and details, forecasting, sourcing, challenges, ethical practices, and more!

(dur: 31 min)

Daniela Bolzmann is the Founder of MindfulGoods.co, the one-stop-shop for Amazon listings done better. As a nomad with a remote team, she’s had the unique opportunity to help 100+ brands understand their data and optimize their sales pages on Amazon while launching her own dream projects. She will be sharing how you can use this same data to build trust with your clients or for you personal brands and businesses.

(dur: 17 min)

Join Melanie as she explains the stark contrasts between the thrill and excitement of a bold new challenge, versus the lows that are inevitable as you experience legal processes and how you must always meet and exceed the various challenges and demands. She also discusses the next steps after the acquisition and merger.

(dur: 25 min)

After years in the Corporate world, Michelle Barnum Smith discovered the keys to entrepreneurial success came down to 6 key principles. Join Michelle as she shares these life lessons along with her most powerful keyword strategies for chatbot campaigns!

(dur: 24 min)

All Amazon entrepreneurs should have an exit strategy. In today’s fast-paced digital economy, a massive opportunity exists to sell your Amazon business for a huge profit! Kellianne will share insights about exit strategies, including tips for increasing the value of your Amazon business, timing your exit, and much more.

(dur: 23 min)

After exiting her first brand in 2019, Michele decided to go again and has been busy launching brand number 2. Her presentation for BBW2 will take a close look at the steps she has taken, the struggles she has encountered (you still hit obstacles even after success), and the results achieved. Michele won’t gloss over the hard stuff and will give a real insight into the struggles we all face – even if you have already tasted success.

(dur: 31 min)

One of the biggest struggles for ecommerce sellers is managing their inventory and debt. As a result, at the end of the day there is no profit left over. Flip the accounting equation and take your Profit First. Cyndi reveals the strategies she perfected in her book, Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers and shares her daughter’s struggle with dyslexia that launched her entrepreneurial journey.

(dur: 26 min)

It’s very difficult to know which marketing expenses are necessary, which ones are a complete waste of time and money, and which ones will ensure a hefty ROI. But what if you could lay the groundwork, establish your network, and create significant brand awareness using low or no cost options? Melissa will be talking about utilizing social media to leverage your product by getting the word out to a large audience and very quickly. On the contrary, Melissa will discuss how social media branding and interaction started causing imbalance in her own life and how she learned to balance social media, family time, and work – all while maximizing low or no-cost marketing strategies.

(dur: 35 min)

Being proactive about making equity, diversity, and inclusion an integral part of a brand’s DNA is more important than ever. In an online industry where we may never see the face behind top-selling ecommerce and Amazon brands, Verneda will share ways that we can all begin to close the gaps of underrepresentation among our peers, and ensure our brand content is inclusive.

(dur: 26 min)

Not a stranger to turmoil and tribulations, Sharon explains how to pivot when things in life go south. Most women can find something that they are good at and turn it into an online business or to utilize online avenues to market services. Even if you don’t want to sell products, as e-commerce grows, so does the need for copywriters, bloggers, graphic designers, translators, influencers, etc.

(dur: 25 min)

When an Amazon Seller faces a suspension or a competitor’s manipulation, he/she has two options: fight or flight. Yael Cabilly believes there’s a direct correlation between the Seller’s reaction to crisis and her ultimate success on Amazon. In this presentation, Yael will provide 5 case studies that show how a sellers’ determination trumped extreme situations and eventually led to positive outcomes.

(dur: 24 min)

Kirsty will uncover the key turning points in her entrepreneurial journey which transpired in 2018. She started engaging with like-minded Amazon sellers and finding coaches who provided a roadmap toward confidence and success. Learning to avoid the mistakes your mentors have made is a big asset to managing a successful business.

(dur: 32 min)

With a London School of Economics degree, executive career at a Fortune 500 company, loving husband, marathon medals, and closet full of Jimmy Choos, Cortney had it all – but she was internally frazzled, anxious, and deeply exhausted ALL. THE. TIME. Join Cortney as she explains her journey to reshape her “miserably successful” life into one brimming with passion, purpose, and joy as a speaker, writer, and in-demand strategist.

(dur: 22 min)

One of the biggest struggles for ecommerce sellers is managing their inventory and debt. As a result, at the end of the day there is no profit left over. Flip the accounting equation and take your Profit First. Cyndi reveals the strategies she perfected in her book, Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers and shares her daughter’s struggle with dyslexia that launched her entrepreneurial journey.

(dur: 14 min)

Cara will share some of her ups and downs along her entrepreneurial journey as well as her key learnings over her 10 years as the inventor of SnoozeShade – the best-selling baby brand on the market.

(dur: 22 min)

McClain will be using real life examples of the importance and value of advertising in a way that makes your product stand-out from the competition. More importantly, how to make your product be unforgettable to potential customers. McClain will be focusing on the value that humor, wit, and uniqueness bring to the table when trying to accomplish discoverability and memorability.

(dur: 19 min)

Have you ever wanted to start something but hesitated when you only saw men ‘crushing it’ in? This is for women who are curious to know why entering a male-dominated sector like Amazon FBA actually presents women with a competitive advantage. Erin will share her journey from being an American sorority girl to scaling a 7 figure Amazon FBA business in the UK.

(dur: 18 min)

Lucy will discuss in this presentation how she managed to build multiple businesses with her best friend, culminating in a 7-figure exit in 2020. How grit, grind and hustle are keys to success and verbalising your goals makes you accountable for your actions.

(dur: 26 min)