Melissa Simonson

CEO, Empowery

Marketing With Modest Means: How To Build Brand Awareness on a Budget

It's very difficult to know which marketing expenses are necessary, which ones are a complete waste of time and money, and which ones will ensure a hefty ROI. But what if you could lay the groundwork, establish your network, and create significant brand awareness using low or no cost options? Melissa will be talking about utilizing social media to leverage your product by getting the word out to a large audience and very quickly. On the contrary, Melissa will discuss how social media branding and interaction started causing imbalance in her own life and how she learned to balance social media, family time, and work - all while maximizing low or no-cost marketing strategies.

This session is available for 24 hours on:
Friday, 26 Feb 2021 from 9 AM (UK Time)

Down to her last $30 and with her power turned off, Melissa started her entrepreneurial journey out of necessity. She later shifted into eCommerce and is honored to manage the nonprofit, member-owned Empowery eCommerce Cooperative to help other entrepreneurs. Melissa is General Manager of Empowery and on the Board of Directors, as well as host of the first ever event in eCommerce with an all women speaker lineup (the Empowery Women's Conference), and host of the eCommerce Connection show.


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