Arabella Redford | Branded By Women 2020
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Arabella Redford

Founder & CEO, Brand Dot

A+ Content & Amazon Stores: Your Brand Strategy 2.0

One of the early pioneers of the Amazon optimisation boom, Arabella explains why serious brands need A+ and Stores to tell their brand story and drive brand exposure.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2020 from 12pm

Arabella boasts an impressive pedigree as one of the most experienced listing optimisation experts in eCommerce, and imparts her wisdom on A+ Content and Stores - facets of Amazon that are often talked about, but rarely used to their full potential. They hold the key to an array of game-changing competitive advantages, among them improved organic ranking, higher on-page conversion and lower ACoS, and Arabella will be showing you how to leverage them.

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