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Audretta Hall

Nutritional Counsellor, Healthy Lifestyle Coach

The Power of Effective Focus: Optimising Nutrition for Success

Having lost almost 100lbs and spent 15 years helping people to follow in her footsteps, certified nutritional counsellor Audretta shares her easy-to-follow guide to fueling for success.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020 from 12:00 (noon)

Most of us like the idea of losing a few pounds, but it's seldom recognised that a healthy diet is a performance enhancer as well. Observing astutely that how we approach our health often parallels how we approach our work, certified nutritional counsellor Audretta dives deep into why optimising your business starts with optimising your diet, drawing on her 15 years of professional experience to offer practical, time-tested advice on fuelling for success.

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