Pamela Baez-Briscoe | Branded By Women 2020

Pamela Baez-Briscoe

Founder, High Heels Social Consulting

The Art of Negotiation: Knowing Your Worth in Business

Having made the transition from corporate boardroom to entrepreneurship, Pamala shares her powerful journey of motherhood and business ownership while leading the way in social marketing and negotiations.

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Friday, 29 May 2020 from 12pm (noon)

Pamela's colourful journey encompasses entrepreneurship, boardroom leadership and motherhood, with her presentation explaining why being able to negotiate has underpinned her success in all of them. Her hard-earned lessons shed some light on how to navigate the leap from the corporate world to self-employment - a road that she's spent a long time travelling, now offering up her successes and failures for you to learn from yourself.

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