Sylv Stefanowicz | Branded By Women 2020
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Sylv Stefanowicz

Founder, Bilbette Ltd

Corporate to Entrepreneurship: How to Prepare for Life Ahead

Lingerie brand owner, Sylv, will talk about her key tips and strategies for leaving full-time employment and how to prepare for your new chapter in life.

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Friday, 29 May 2020 from 9am

Polish-born Sylv found her eCommerce success in a notoriously difficult niche. Like many women in business, she had to tackle the milestone of crossing the chasm from corporate security to full-time entrepreneurship, and in her presentation she shares how she did it. Coming from a place of experience, Sylv shares what to do, what not to do, and how to prepare for your new life when the time comes to take the plunge yourself.

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