Stephanie Khalikyar

CEO, Praniva & RebelHack.Rx

Finding a Balance Between All the Hats We Wear

The ‘Finding Balance’ presentation will discuss how we can harness our different moods and energy levels and tailor them to tasks we need to accomplish both in business and in everyday life. Stephanie will teach you how to follow a structure for short term and long term goals, keep a journal of these, build out daily (to the hour) schedules blending personal and professional tasks to set goals and to assign the importance of tasks based on your mental state at the beginning of each day.

This session is available for 24 hours on:
Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 from 9 AM (UK Time)

At 21, Stephanie was invited to be an education artist for L’Oreal USA and taught national education training for the next 6 years around the USA. In 2016 she took over the Product Development role of a beauty start-up company and managed to build out and source 21 new SKUS within a year of hire. securing agreements with Walmart, Sam’s Club China, Albertson’s and other major retailers. Currently, Stephanie contracts as a Product and Brand Developer for Beauty and CPG companies across the country as well as owning multiple companies. 


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