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Here’s a list of some of the amazing content that’s included for you to replay at leisure:

Impostor Syndrome in Business’ Success: Learning How to Thrive in Spite of it and Applying this Knowledge to Analyse Your Customer’s Behaviour.

Feed Your Hormones to “Lose Weight”

YES, You Actually CAN - Believe It Then Achieve It

True Hollywood Story: Overcoming Challenges Behind-The-Scenes

How To Make Lemonade in a “Male Dominated industry” and How That Can
Lead To Opportunity

Good Practices in Product Development

Mastering the Art of Kindness

Tips and Tricks to Prevent your Amazon Account from being Suspended


Please email or or call +44 07595 217 325

This inclusive event is for budding entrepreneurs and brand owners of all genders who want to take their business (or business idea) to the next level. The speakers are all highly successful women, some of whom are mothers and all of whom manage a busy schedule outside of work.

As women we face challenges in our business and personal lives, and can often feel disheartened as we struggle to be super-women who ‘manage it all’. That’s why a network of like-minded women is here to show you how to navigate the path to success, with easily implementable strategies that our speakers effectively use to grow and scale their own businesses.

Our diverse and inspirational female speakers come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

From stay-at-home mums to personal assistants and ex-corporate executives, our speakers have successfully transitioned from their old careers and jobs and have found a way to make eCommerce work for them.

From the UK to the USA, India and all across Europe, we are excited to have these amazing women in business come together to help give a voice to a revolution.

Attending Branded by Women is key if you’re serious about your business and want to learn new ways to advance – both professionally and personally.

You’ll be hearing from some amazing and inspiring women in business and you can learn powerful techniques by listening to their journeys. By the end you will leave with a fresh approach, a new drive and determination to succeed.

Over the course of the 3 days, there will be keynote sessions from 30+ leading women in business, including a panel of experts. The defining ethos of the Branded by Women event is that it is designed “by women for women” and the live daily Q&A shows are interactive, meaning you can be an active participant.

Our speakers are experts in their fields but are also relatable. They will share their own personal journeys and offer tried and tested ways to ensure that you too can make a success of your business, whatever stage you’re at.

For those who already run relatively successful businesses, there will be inspiring content that will teach you how to focus, scale, and adapt your mindset to reach your full potential.

We kick-off the first live event on Tuesday 23 Feb with our 3 amazing co-hosts Athena Severi, Michele Venton and Izabela Hamilton, along with a panel of inspirational speakers, for the first of 3 interactive Q&A sessions.

Following on from our kick-off event we have:

24 Feb, Day 1: Mindset (10+ speaker sessions and Live Show with Host, Athena Severi and guests)

25 Feb, Day 2: Marketing (10+ speaker sessions and Live Show with Host, Izabela Hamilton and guests)

26 Feb, Day 3: Mastery (10+ speaker sessions and Final Live Show with Host, Michele Venton and guests)

The Branded by Women event is FREE to attend with 10+ daily expert presentations segmented into Mindset, Marketing and Mastery over 3 content-packed days. Each day’s keynote sessions (and live event) will be unlocked for up to 24 hours (and set to your time-zone), so all attendees have the opportunity to listen for free, wherever you are in the world.

As we appreciate not everyone will have time (or be available) to listen to all the content daily, you’ll be given the option to unlock Lifetime Access for just $99. This All Access Pass will then ensure you can re-play the sessions at leisure and in your own time.

The FREE 24 hour access gives all attendees full viewing of each day’s 10+ speaker sessions and live Q&A panel. Regardless of which time-zone you are in, access will be unlocked for your location to ensure you don’t miss out.

The speaker video sessions will be unlocked for 24-hours and available on Wednesday 24 Feb, Thursday 25 Feb and Friday 26 Feb, from 00:01 until 23:59 in your local time each day.

We’re confident you’ll absolutely love everything the Branded by Women All Access Pass gives you.

If you want to upgrade and unlock Lifetime Access to all our 30+ speaker sessions after the 24-hour FREE access has expired then we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason, you don’t feel it’s been a worthwhile investment then we’ll happily refund your money within 60 days of purchase.